Funyak Peshtigo River

Funyaking the Peshtigo River

Funyaks are the most popular way to experience whitewater rafting on the Peshtigo River. A Funyak is a one-person inflatable raft. You paddle the Funyak with a two bladed kayak paddle and they are self-bailing so you’ll never need to empty out the water. Funyaks are perfect for any skill level including beginners. In fact they are easier to learn how to paddle than a raft. These are a thrill in higher water and great for lower water levels, with greater maneuverability. Because you are alone in the raft you have more control, you don’t have to try to coordinate your paddling skills with others in the raft. Being alone also means there is less weight in the raft, which makes it easier to move around or off obstacles if you should encounter some. Just keep in mind that even though you are alone in the raft you are never alone on the river, we always have staff on hand with every whitewater rafting trip happy to assist you. For more enjoyment in low water or a bigger thrill in high water try a “Funyak” the next time you raft with Kosir’s Rapid Rafts.

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