THANK YOU for jumping in after me!

I wanted to say THANK YOU again to the guy that jumped into the water after I fell out of my raft (Andy at Thornton’s said I was ejected, I am glad it wasn’t something that I did wrong), early afternoon on Saturday, July 22nd. I didn’t catch his name, but I believe he works for you, he has longer brown hair and he was watching from the cliffs besides the river. Thank you for throwing me a rope, and when that didn’t work, thank you for jumping in after me and for telling me to ‘keep swimming’ and ‘you’re okay.’ I don’t remember much when I was under the water but your face was the first thing I saw when I popped back up again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jenn R

Saved a Vacation

my girlfriend and I was struggling on the river and the guide jumped in our raft and rode with us the rest of the way. everything went perfect the rest of the way. we went again the next day and had the time of lives. thanks to the staff for saving our vacation. we had a great time and are planning on coming back.

Daniel D

Enjoyed Kosir’s Rafting

We have enjoyed Kosir’s Rafting on many occasions. Thank you for a safe, fun filled adventure. We’ll be back!

PS. We especially like the funyaks

W. Klaus & family

Living in Chicago

Living in Chicago I thought I saw it all. This was an awesome Experience. I’ll be back!

B. Soper


Awsome! For more than 15 years Kosir’s has provided us with the greatest time. Looking forward to the next fifteen years.

D. Callen

Memories of a Lifetime

Memories of a lifetime are made at Kosir’s every year. Looking forward to our next visit.


When in Northeastern Wisconsin

When in Northeastern Wisconsin, Kosir’s is a must. Great camping & whitewater rafting. Cya next year!

Ed Pauer