Opening Weekend Icebreaker

Greetings friends!
It is always interesting around here the week before we start rafting. It was a crazy day yesterday trying to get the winter out of the way. There was snow to move that hadn’t been moved all year, vehicles to get ready, and the shower house is now ready to go. We have some great groups heading our way this weekend and I want to be on our game when they get here.

I really think that it was the right call to move opening weekend back a weekend. Last  Friday night/Saturday morning we went down to a low of 8 degrees. By 10am when the first raft trip of the year would have gone out it was up to 14. Saturday night Sunday morning was colder. The low locally was 4 degrees in Wabeno and 8 in Crivitz. Antigo, about an hour west, set a new record with -8. Green Bay missed the all time record for coldest temp in April by
three degrees.

It was a pretty cold week,and when we are in single digits overnight the risk of the river refreezing and causing an unsafe situation is pretty real.

If the water levels were big and the river was roaring it would have been a very different scenario. The risk of ice dams or shelves would be minimal, and who cares if it is 14 degrees out, the river is roaring!

That brings me to my next point, which is that we really have a lot to look forward to this year. The watershed had really high water levels when it froze last year. Then we had a lot of very cold weather before the snow came, freezing it solid and putting a lot of frost into the ground. We had an OK winter for snow, and the snow in the woods up in the watershed is still a couple of feet deep.

Winter’s return the past two weeks means that it is all still there waiting for us, there is no early runoff this year. While I don’t expect huge water this weekend, we are a couple of warm days and a good thunderstorm away from the big water that made the Peshtigo River
legendary. I really think that we have a lot to look forward to this spring.

Next weekend, April 20-22 is Pesh Fest. There will be all kinds of deals, food, kayak races and lots of people that came to have a good time. It should be a very fun weekend, so make your arrangements as soon as possible.
Well I am off to go get back to work. Have a good week and we hope to see you on the river with Kosir’s soon!
Paddle On!

Here is a PeshFest poster.

Opening Weekend Icebreaker

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