Amazing Holiday Weekend

This was an amazing holiday weekend. The kosir’s krew loves this weekend to visit with all of our favorite return customers. From Freddy Arthur’s amazing YouTube videos to everyone’s favorite guest guides the Curries, Piano Man Bob, and the legendary Rick! This weekend rocked our socks off I hope it did yours as well. I also personally had a special trip as Mackenzie and I guided some long time high school friends who are about to create a life time bond! Congrats Chad and Kate! Also it’s raining buckets the peshtigo and the Menominee are going straight up! Let’s have a high June (like 2008) and let’s raft!

Busy Weekends

Its May! That means warm weather and busy weekends here at Kosirs! The Peshtigo is starting to drop down, we are all dancing around the fire at night waiting for the rain gods to produce! Keep and eye on us for an update and in the mean time come jump in a funyak! If your looking to raft a larger river in hot weather, the Menominee is the river for you, big raft, big rapids, and an expert guide from our friendly staff! Just hope the avoid that big ole VW in the middle of the river! We have a few spots open for the holiday weekend so make sure to get in soon!

Amazing Water Weekend

Another amazing water weekend on the Peshtigo! Here we are passed the first holiday of the year and it’s still raining and snowing, of course you know we love that! Some DPD lovers got put in the drink on the 20th reunion while they dared to take fun yaks into those massive holes! The camp grounds were live action this weekend with the palm tree set up in campsite one and that awesome bunch of high schoolers taking up to whole back half! Thanks Mike! All this precip should make for a good next couple of weeks!

Thrill Seekers

Spring Fever thrill seekers, We had a great opener on the Peshtigo River with lots of thrills and spills with very little chill. Some two man groups as well as one really active funyaker We will be re-offering our ice breaker special due to the fact that we just got some more snow!! The weekend after will fire up a big one for DPD and our offer will end so do not miss this special opportunity!

The River is Open

Hey every one! The river is open! We are here and ready to rip!! Big things happening on the mighty Peshtigo this spring starting with the ice breaker two for one this weekend! (Happy Easter) Also spring will be filled with joy as DPD is coming back this April as well! All we need now is for the weekend to come! I can’t explain how excited we are to take that first voyage!  Camping will be chilly but seems as we will be able to camp this weekend as well! All kinds of things moving forward! Can’t wait to see every one!

Getting Close

I would just love to start by saying I’m so happy to be writing again that means we are getting close! We have one massive freeze and some snow to go along with these nasty temperatures. As always we are shooting for the first week in April to be off and going but you just never know so stay in touch with us as we move closer. Also the best deal of the season, the 20% off early bird discount ends March first do not miss it. You know where to find your Kosirs friends over the winter and that’s at the sports and out door shows! This year come find us March 4-8 in Milwaukee at the MJS sports show and the weekend after we will be free roaming the mad city at canoecopia don’t miss us!

Welcome back Kosir’s Krazies!

BRRRRRR do we have a deep freeze or what?! Just your reminder that our specials are kicking in and we have snow to make us think about what a rippin’ good spring were gonna have! There will be great changes coming to make things easier for our krazies! Our specials are super charged for our 40 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! and a new special cycle starts March 1st you will not want to miss out! Think rain but first and foremost we need to believe in snow.